We can grind the following drilling tools for you:

  • Twist drills
  • Carbide twist drills
  • Solid carbide twist drills
  • Solid carbide twist drills (special edge)
  • HSS twist drills (special edge)
  • CFK drills
  • Kevlar drills
  • Twist drills with brad point
  • NC centring drills
  • Solid carbide NC centring drills
  • Deep-hole drills
  • Botek single-lip deep-hole drills
  • Core twist drills
  • Carbide core drills
  • Arbour-mounted core drills - counterbores
  • Carbide arbour-mounted core drills
  • Sheet metal core drills
  • Sheet metal core step drills
  • Combined drill and countersink, double-sided
  • Carbide crown drills
  • Sub-land twist drills
  • Boring blades (Bilz-Sassex)
  • Carbide boring blades (Bilz-Sassex)
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