Our new tools

  • Solid carbide slotting end mill<br/>TiALN coated<br/>Item Number 101645
  • Solid carbide end mill Z3 universal<br/>TiALN coated<br/>Item Number: 102320
  • Solid carbide end mill Z3 universal<br/>uncoated<br/>Item Number: 102323
  • Solid carbide end mill Z4 universal<br/>uncoated<br/>Item Number 102640
  • Solid carbide end mill Z4 universal<br/>TiALN coated<br/>Item Number 102650
  • Solid carbide end mill Q-plus<br/>4 flutes - 50° helix angle<br/>Item Number: 103055
  • Solid Carbide End Mill Mega Long<br/>TiAlN coated<br/>Item Number 102660
  • Conical solid carbide end mill<br/>1:3 / 1:4 / 1:5 / 1:10 / 1:20 Taper angle per side<br/>Item Number:  61 525 06
  • Conical solid carbide end mill<br/>14° Taper angle per side<br/>Item number: 61 525 06
  • Conical solid carbide end mill<br/>15° Taper angle per side<br/>Item number: 61 525 06
  • Solid Carbide Angle Milling Cutter<br/>Item number: 61 525 77
  • Plastic Z1<br/>1 flute carbide end mill<br/>Item number: 101040
  • Plastic Z3<br/>3 flutes - 20° helix angle<br/>Item number: 101680
  • Solid carbide Ball Nose cutter Z2-N<br/>2 flutes<br/>Item number: 107115
  • Solid carbide Ball Nose cutter Z2-H<br/>2 flutes<br/>Item number: 107280
  • Solid carbide Ball Nose cutter Z4-H<br/>4 flutes<br/>Item number: 107472
  • Solid carbide Ball Nose cutter Z4-H long<br/>4 flutes<br/>Item number: 107476
  • Solid carbide Ball Nose cutter Z4-N<br/>4 flutes<br/>Item number: 107477
  • Oil groove mill Model C<br/>DIN ISO 12128:1995<br/>Item number: 109920
  • Oil groove mill Model K<br/>DIN ISO 12128:1995<br/>Item number:109930
  • Solid carbide NC centring drill<br/>90°<br/>Item number: 221020
  • Solid carbide NC centring drill<br/>90° TiALN<br/>Item number: 221040
  • Solid carbide NC centring drill<br/>120°<br/>Item number: 221070
  • Solid carbide NC centring drill<br/>120° TiALN<br/>Item number: 221110
  • Solid carbide twist drill 118°<br/>extra-short<br/>Item number: 222100
  • Solid carbide twist drill 118°<br/>TiALN - extra-short<br/>Item number: 222150
  • Solid carbide high-performance drill<br/>for CFP / GFP / Kevlar<br/>Item number 225000
  • HPC solid carbide end mill<br/>3 flutes - 47°/45°/43° helix angle<br/>Item Number 102248
  • HPC solid carbide end mill FH<br/>4 flutes - 38° helix angle / long<br/>Item Number 102840
  • HPC solid carbide end mill RH<br/>35°/38° Helix Angle<br/>Item Number 103050
  • Solid carbide end mill<br/>for aluminium with one flute<br/>Item number 101010
  • Solid carbide end mill<br/>extra long<br/>for aluminium with one flute<br/>Item number 101010
  • solid carbide end mill ALUsoft<br/>short - uncoated<br/>Item Number 102425
  • solid carbide end mill ALUsoft<br/>short - Zirkon Speed<br/>Item Number 102426
  • solid carbide end mill ALUsoft<br/>long - uncoated<br/>Item Number 102430
  • solid carbide end mill ALUsoft<br/>long - Zirkon Speed<br/>Item Number 102431
  • ConVecut®24 for aluminium<br/>Item number 101124
  • Solid carbide deburring mill<br/>30° / 60° / 90° / 120° / TiALN coated<br/>Item Number 108110
  • Solid carbide Chamfer End Mill<br/>60° / 90° / 120°<br/>Item Number 108070
  • Solid carbide Engraving Cutter<br/>30° / 60° / 90°<br/>Item Number 108040
  • Solid Carbide Corner Rounding End Mill<br/>Item number: 108020
  • Solid carbide finishing end mill<br/> extra long<br/>EXXTRAL coated<br/>Item Number 103440
  • Solid carbide finishing end mill<br/>extra long<br/>uncoated<br/>Item Number 103443
  • Solid carbide end mill for hard machining<br/>6 flutes - 50° helix angle<br/>Item Number 103210
  • Solid carbide roughing and finishing milling cutter<br/>4 flutes - 30° helix angle<br/4>Item Number 103140
  • Solid Carbide Slot Milling Cutter<br/>Item number: 108029
  • Solid Carbide Slot Milling Cutter wirh Radius<br/>Item number: 108035
  • Solid Carbide Annular Milling Cutter<br/>Item number: 61 525 90

Welcome to the special tools expert

Milling, drilling, reaming, countersinking, turning ...
... best done with first-class tools from Barth!

Welcome to the expert for machining tools and precision grinding. Barth can provide you with tailor-made stock removal solutions and a huge selection of solid carbide milling cutters direct from the manufacturer. Our products are used all over the world in plant construction, toolmaking, mechanical engineering and mould-making as well as by wood and plastic processing companies.

 Our offer at a glance:

  • Tool grinding
  • Production of special tools
  • Regrinding standard tools
  • External and internal cylindrical grinding
  • Production of special inserts
  • Repair of insert tools
  • Cutting of carbide, HSS and ceramic bars
  • Thread cutting on carbides and other hard materials

Top quality
If you expect quality made in Germany and a fast, individual service, you have come to the right place. All our products are made in Germany by qualified employees working with modern machinery. Our carbide suppliers and coaters also produce in Germany. You get first-class quality at an outstanding price.

Custom-made products
We are able to implement your special manufacturing requirements flexibly and quickly. Rather than a long wait, we offer you our fast service to solve your stock removal problems. We manufacture all types of machining tools, even at short notice. Just tell us what you need and we will develop the right custom-made tool for you.

Regrinding service
So that you can work with our tools for a long time and profitably, our service doesn't stop when the products are delivered. You can have all standard tools reground by us up to ten times. Your tool retains its sharpness and precision over the whole service life. That's worth it, financially and for you, because our service means you can always rely on your equipment.

Professionals work best with first-class tools from Barth!

Online catalog 2017/2018

Blätterkatalog VHM Werkzeuge Barth Schleiftechnik

Our range includes:

solid carbide milling cutters, engraver's milling cutters, aluminium milling cutters, milling cutters for plastic, HPC milling cutters, CRP/GRP drills, solid carbide reamers, milling cutters for oil grooves and bore reliefs, tapered and spherical solid carbide milling cutters, solid carbide angular milling cutters, special milling cutters and drills according to drawings

In addition, we offer:

production of precision tools, tool grinding, regrinding of machining tools, surface grinding, cylindrical grinding, CNC grinding, grinding of saw blades, consultation service for tool grinding technology and stock removal problems.