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Efficient surfaces

Would you like to increase the service life of your tools?  Or would you like a smoother surface for better chip discharge? We will be happy to coat new or reground tools for you.

The PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition) coating can be applied as the last step in the production of a tool with no loss of hardness, distortion or change to the microstructure of the steel or carbide. The significant advantage of the PVD method, in contrast to the CVD method, is the low coating temperature of less than 500 °C, which is thus below the tempering temperature of high-speed steels.

All PVD methods take place in a high vacuum, in which a metal (such as titanium) is converted to its vapour state. The addition of a reaction gas (such as nitrogen) then creates a thin, hard and extraordinarily firmly-attached layer on the tool surface (e.g. TiN = titanium nitride). The individual PVD methods differ only in the type of metal vapour deposition. The length of the coating cycle depends on the size and shape of the tool. It generally lasts between 4 and 8 hours.

For the coating to be successful, the tool surface must be clean. So, before coating, the tools undergo intensive cleaning in which oil, grease, inorganic salts and anticorrosion residues are removed. The cleaning line essentially consists of an ultrasound-based, multistage degreasing process with alkaline baths, a cascaded water rinsing module and finally stain-free drying.

Properties of the carbide coatings

CoatingHardness in HVlayer thicknessCoefficient of frictionOperating temperatureColourGeneral characteristics, properties and preferred application
TiN Titan Nitrid2300 ±2001-4 µm0,6500°C maximalgoldAll-round coating; Cutting and cutting of ferrous metals and steel materials. Hobbing, drilling, tapping with low and medium cutting data.
TiCN Titancarbonitrid3500 ±5001-4 µm0,2400°C maximalblaugrauMilling, turning, drilling and cutting tools for the machining of high and low alloy steels. High feed and cutting speeds, which do not develop too high temperatures at the cutting edges. Very suitable for HSS milling cutters in the field of cooled steel processing.
EXXTRAL TiAlN monoblock3300 ±3002-3 µm0,7800°C maximalanthrazitDeveloped for machining tasks (milling, drilling, turning, etc.) under demanding conditions where other layers reach the limits of thermal and mechanical strength.
EXXTRAL-Plus TiALN multilage3300 ±3001-3 µm0,6800°C maximalanthrazitDue to its multilayer structure, EXXTRAL-Plus is especially suitable for higher layer thicknesses, e.g. when drilling, recommended. Due to the increased chromium content, the corrosion resistance is also increased
EXXTRAL-Silber TiALCrN3300 ±3002-4 µm0,4800°C maximalsilberAluminum alloys; Stainless steel; cast iron
Sistral ALTiXN nanostrukturiert3500 ±5001-4 µm<0,7900°C maximalanthrazitMachining tasks (milling, drilling, turning, sawing, etc.) under operating conditions where other layers reach the limits of thermal and mechanical strength. High-performance machining of very abrasive or hard materials (steel> 54 HRC) in dry high-speed applications.
Variantic TiALCN multilage3500 ±5002-4 µm0,2800°C maximalkupfer-farbigvery low friction; Milling and drilling of steels; Excellent results during machining.
ZrN Zirkon Speed2800 ±3001-4 µm0,5600°C maximalhellgelbZrN coating is particularly suitable for machining aluminum alloys and a good choice for machining non-ferrous metals. For the processing of fiberglass, nylon and the majority of polymer materials, the ZrN-layer is also recommended.
Crosal-Plus3200 ±3002-5 µm0,451100°C maximalschiefergrauCROSAL is the next generation of AlCrN-based hard coatings. By optimizing the process parameters and adapting the layer system structure, this versatile high-performance layer meets the most important requirements. Suitable for dry machining as well as for the numerous applications in the field of stamping and forming

Which PVD coating should be used with which material? + = may be suitable / ++ = suitable / +++ = particularly suitable

MachiningTINTICNExxtral Plus TIALNExxtral SilberSistralVarianticZirkon SpeedCrosal Plus
Normal strength steels Conventional cutting values++++++++++++++
Stähle erhöhter Festigkeit und erhöhte Schnittwerte+++++++++++++
Steels of increased strength and increased cutting values (HSC und HPC)+++++++++++++
Gray cast iron, cast steel, hard alloys titanium and nickel alloys+++++++++++++++++
Aluminum, aluminum and non-ferrous alloys++++++++++++++
dry cutting++++++++++
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