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Oil groove milling cutter Model K DIN ISO 12128:1995

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Solid carbide lubricating pocket milling cutters DIN ISO 12128 Model K

Model K lubricating pockets are in general provided when larger lubrication areas are required. Lubricating pocket Model K is used mainly for a back and forth motion in a straight line. Using this oil groove milling cutter you can produce a lubricating pocket according to DIN ISO 12128:1995 Model K.

Model K, uncoated
Front cutting geometry for dipping

Other types of oil groove milling cutters can also be produced on request. Please email your enquiry to:

 Cutting data Recommendation for Solid carbide oil groove mill Typ K 109930:

Cutting Data Recommendation Soldi Carbide End Mill

Carbide ultra-fine grain made in Germany
Milling cutter made in Germany by Barth Schleiftechnik GmbH

Shank shape HB = end mill with clamping surface
Shank shape HA = end mill without clamping surface

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