Art. No. 10 80 70

Solid carbide Chamfer End Mill 60° / 90° / 120°

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Solid carbide chamfer end mill with 2 cutting edges

Solid carbide end mills for deburring or chamfering of workpiece edges, and well suited for circular contour processing. It can also be used with the cylindrical outside diameter to machine the workpiece.

End Mill is uncoated.
Solid carbide chamfer End Mill with thinning , to machine even the smallest holes.
We ran the mills with 60 ° or 90 ° or 120 ° point angle.
Our solid carbide chamfer angle have a tolerance of +/- 0.5 °

If you need a different point angle, we will gladly make you this.



Cutting Data recommendation Solid carbide chamfer end mill 108070:

Cutting Data Recommendation Soldi Carbide End Mill

Ultra-fine grain made in Germany
Milling cutter made in Germany by Barth Schleiftechnik GmbH

Shank shape HB = end mill with clamping surface
Shank shape HA = end mill without clamping surface

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